Dante Bohemia Elite x Glendrovers Riante Angelique

In March 2007, we bred our girl Caprice to CH Dante Bohemia Elite. On May 10, she delivered 10 healthy tawny briard puppies.

The boys at 4 weeks. Click on a boy for 6 week photos.

The girls at 4 weeks. Click on a girl for 6 week photos.

Pictorial Pedigree of the Dante x Caprice Litter

Dante received a Select rating in the 2004 BCA Rassemblement. The Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) has registered Caprice as CHIC#: 35970, and Dante as CHIC#: 23694. This means that both the sire and dam have been tested for Hip Dysplasia, CERF Eye Clearance, Stationary Night Blindness, Elbow Dysplasia, and Autoimmune thyroiditis. Thyroid testing is optional for CHIC certification, and we have tested Caprice to have a healthy thyroid, but we have not submitted the results to OFA. Below is an image of the sire, CH Dante Bohemia Elite taken by Stuart Vestry Photography.

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