Caprice - Glendrovers Riante Angelique CD RN AX MXJ CGC FDCh-S VT HIC HOF

About Caprice:

  • For 2005, Caprice was ranked as the #1 Briard in AKC agility.
  • Caprice is extremely friendly; she holds the informal title of "BWX" at our home. For those who have not visited, nor know, a BWX is the highest title in "Butt Wags".
  • Caprice is well trained, with good manners. Again, part nature, part nurture.
  • Caprice is very gentle and soft tempered. She will show her teeth to rude dogs and puppies, but won't go any further. She walks away from aggressive dogs.
  • Caprice can be a very silly girl. Like many Briards, she really gets too warm to sleep on the bed with us, but will snuggle and roll between us, upside down, feet in the air, smiling and talking. After snuggling, she'll bound off the bed and to her own sleeping spot.
  • Caprice is a very good mother; she loves to play with her puppies.
  • Caprice is a very enthusiastic worker; whether it is play in the yard, or dog sports. Several agility judges have commented that they have never seen such a fast Briard.
  • Caprice is known as The Inspector; she has to thoroughly inspect anything new. In agility, she was penalized with an off-course because she broke from the sequence of obstacles to run over and inspect the pink tunnel. She had never seen a pink tunnel before! Come to think of it, neither had I. After completing her inspection, she successfully completed the agility course, beginning exactly where she'd left off.

We lost our beautiful guardian angel, Caprice, to cancer. We were shocked, as were her vets as she had always been hale and recently had an extensive exam/bloodwork prior to her spay in April. We were looking forward to more fun with her, but fate did not agree.


You lived life large -- embraced it with glee
Joyful by nature, you made us all smile.
We miss your presence and look for you still,
Reminded by silence that you've left us for awhile.

August 31, 2000 -- June 10, 2009


Under the American Kennel Club (AKC), Caprice has earned the following titles and certifications:

  • Rally Novice (RN)
  • Companion Dog (CD)
  • Novice Agility (NA)
  • Open Agility (OA)
  • Agility Excellent (AX)
  • Novice Jumpers With Weaves (NAJ)
  • Open Jumpers With Weaves Class (OAJ)
  • Excellent Jumpers With Weaves (AXJ)
  • Master Excellent JWW (MXJ)
  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Under the North American Flyball Association (NAFA), Caprice has earned the following titles:

  • Flyball Dog (FD)
  • Flyball Dog Excellent (FDX)
  • Flyball Dog Champion (FDCh)
  • Flyball Dog Champion Silver (FDCh-S)

Under the Briard Club of America (BCA), Caprice has earned the following certificates and awards:

  • Herding Instinct Certificate (HIC)
  • Versatility Titled (VT)
  • Hall of Fame (HOF)


The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) has rated Caprice's hips as good, and her elbows as normal. Her most recent eye exam was in the fall of 2006, and was certified as normal by the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF). Her thyroid is normal, but has not been registered with OFA. She has been certified as being genetically normal/clear for Congenital Stationary Night Blindness (CSNB), by Optigen. The Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) has registered Caprice as CHIC#: 35970.

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